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UPDATED:  Upcoming Events to mark on your Calendar UPDATED: Upcoming Events to mark on your Calendar

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UPDATED: Upcoming Events to mark on your Calendar

Posted on Tue, Sep 8, 2015


 Here are a few things to put on your calender that are coming up for your Scout:


September 19, 20 - Camping trip Camping / Backpacking trip to Doughton Park primitive camp ground.  - the Scouts will be backpacking roughly 1 and 1/2 mile from parking lot to camp site.

 - Each Scout is to pack their gear in a backpack, each Scout needs a backpacking grade backpack (if you do not have a backpack please pack gear in duffle bag, paper bag, garbage bag - what ever you have for shakedown) and bring it to next Tuesday's meeting for a "shakedown" (inspection of what is packed and instruction on what is missing).  Pack all gear for inspection that will be taken for actual trip.  Refer to page 286-300 of scout handbook.  No need for tent, will be using Troop provided tents.

For some reference advise you can also go to :

 - This will be a Saturday Morning  8am departure and a Sunday afternoon 12-1'ish pick up

 - There is a PLC meeting on 9/16 at 6:30.  Patrol Leader (Daniel), Assistant Patrol Leader (Josh) and Quartermaster ( Jake) should attend for planning of trip.


September 22 - Popcorn Kick Off at Brookstown Church 7:30

September 25th - Popcorn Sales begin door to door (do not sell door to door before this date)

October 23,24,25  - Camping Trip (location to be determined)

November 20,21,22  - Camping Trip (location to be determined)

December 11,12,13 - Camping Trip (location to be determined, introduction to cold weather camping)


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