Troop 919 Christmas Family

Posted on Sun, Nov 29, 2015:

Troop 919 Christmas Family

Troop 919 will continue with the tradition of sharing our blessings with a family in need this year. Below are the basic information of the family members and some of the items they would like to have this holiday season.  We as a troop always go way beyond the few things the family has ask for and I would expect this year to be any different. If you decide to give gift cards please remember to include the amount of the gift. Wal-Mart or grocery store cards would be very helpful to this family. We will start accepting gifts at this week troop meeting.

The agency that is coordinating this effort has asked the gifts be unwrapped and we keep a log of all the items given.

The household could use kitchen towels, laundry and dish detergent, and paper towels

Caregiver 1: Beverly, a 56 year old female

Likes green and teal and wears large pants and XL shirts/sweaters

She likes craft/art projects

Caregiver 2: Terre, a 58 year old male

Likes black and wears 36x30 pants and XL shirts/sweaters

He likes to fish and build model cars

They care for three teens and their grandmother

Grandmother: 80

She likes lavender, and wears large pants and XL shirts, preferably short-sleeved (doesn't like sweaters)

She can play simple games as she is dealing with Alzheimers

Felicity: 14 year old female

Likes pink, purple, and teal and wears a size 3 in pants and medium shirts/sweaters

Like jewelry making and board games (whole family likes board games)

She could use tape and pencils for school

Noah: 13 year old male

Likes blue and red, and wears 28x29 pants and small shirts/sweaters (men's sizes)

Likes basketball and could also use pencils for school

Brandon: 13 year old male

Likes green, red, orange and light blue, and wears a size 14 pants (boys) and small men's shirts/sweaters

He also likes basketball and could use pencils and tape for school



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